Currently doing Security Consulting at AWS Professional Services. Previously doing security and infrastructure around the globe particularly in Switzerland and Japan at Nintendo.

Member of OWASP and advocate for OpenSource and lifelong security enthusiast I try to participate actively to local communities around these interests.

For the past years, I’ve been working around DevSecOps in Hacknowledge, Switzerland and SRE mostly automating things and smoothing the whole developer experience at Nintendo.

I am also doing a bit of writing as well and share my opinions, discoveries and work on my [blog] (

My academic records involves a Master’s Engineer degree in Computer Security obtained in France and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science obtained from Oxford Brookes University (UK)

My Process

Full Process Design


I collaborate with stakeholders, ask meaningful questions, define feasibilty and craft the best trade-off.


I ideate solutions by relying on best practices and existing solutions that would match the needs.


I design solutions fitted to the situation and detail the steps of the path to transition towards this solution.


I prototype the final design with technologies that match the final intent and the culture of the team I'm working with.


I iterate the original proposal to tailor it to the needs of the team and the standard of quality required.


I redo the entire process and use new insights to further bolster the user experience and efficiency of the solution.